Snøhetta made headlines recently when it opened Europe’s first underwater restaurant, Under in Norway. The multi-disciplinary architecture, landscaping, interior and product design company prides itself on taking a holistic approach to design – which recently included developing bespoke cutlery for Restaurant Barr in Copenhagen.

The Snøhetta team was inspired by the “microscopic study of food” in designing the space.

“The concept of 'gestalt', meaning an organised whole that transcends the smaller constituent parts from which it is built, informed the overall concept of the design,” said the team. “[We] looked to microscopic studies of foods and beer from the region, which influenced everything from the colour palette to the furniture.”

The cutlery also builds on the restaurant’s conceptual expression – mixing the old and the new, traditional Scandinavian and new Nordic ideas.

“The cutlery is not merely defined by aesthetics or functionality; it actually enhances the enjoyment of the food and thus elevates the eating experience itself,” said chef Thorsten Schmidt. “When you lift your spoon or fork, the sturdy weight of the cutlery gives you a stronger sensory experience in relation to the food.”

Snøhetta is well-regarded in the restaurant design space – restaurant Barr has taken over the space vacated by Noma, which Snøhetta also designed.