Home.Two Café in Melbourne is curating coffee for change. Not only do 100 percent of their profits go towards helping the homeless and disadvantaged youth, but through traineeship programs, they are looking to address root problems, not just surface-level charity work.

A social enterprise, Society Melbourne, in collaboration with several other service providers, is looking to change lives around affected by poverty or homelessness. They pay trainee wages and fund rental subsidies to help homeless people become self-sufficient. Through Home.Two Café, homeless youth can acquire industry experience and wages while their confidence and ability develop. They are also supported by a caseworker and housed with Launch Housing, one of Victoria’s biggest homelessness and housing service providers.

With access to a stable home and education, the initiative is looking to turn around one of the world’s most pressing issues: poverty and homelessness. Through Home.Two, Society Melbourne and Launch Housing, amongst others, people are able to get educational qualifications and pay, or, perhaps something more intrinsically important, hope and optimism for the future.