Celebrate International Gin Day

Gin is one of the most popular bases for any cocktail, ranging from simple to complex and exuberant.

The 10th of June is International Gin Day, and to celebrate, why not try out the top 10 classic gin-based cocktails to mark the occasion.


Shaken… not stirred. A Martini may be simple, but it is such a classic. You’ll need dry vermouth to taste and a strip of lemon or an olive for garnishing.

Tom Collins Cocktail

Oh how nostalgic, the Tom Collins is a sensation of sweet and sour that will leave your taste buds tingling. 


The Italian vibe of the Negroni is a refreshing, bitter, and complex drink. Bound to be popular, the striking red colour of the Negroni is almost as memorable as the drink itself.

Bee’s Knee’s

A sweet and classy cocktail with a refreshingly sweet and tart flavour. The Bee’s Knee’s includes, as you guessed, honey syrup. Serve with lemon, and you’ve got a winner.

Red Snapper

A spicy, tasty burst of flavour, the red snapper is essentially a Bloody Mary but made with gin. 

Get creative this International Gin Day, or welcome back a nostalgic classic.