A new café is set to open in Toronto’s CBD that celebrates all things faeces. The Poop Café Dessert Bar business model follows on from other Asian fads that have created a craze in Toronto like the Cat Café.

“I went to Taiwan two years ago and tried the Modern Toilet Restaurant, and I liked it,” said owner Lien Nguyen.

“I decided to bring a toilet restaurant to Toronto because I didn’t see anybody open one up. It’d be nice to have one here, so you don’t have to travel so far to have that experience.”

Although the theme is all about the toilet, Nguyen assures diners that there will be no poop in meals or beverages.

“We serve dessert here, so we have sweet red bean soup and a poop waffle, the waffle is shaped like poo, and we have a Thai ice cream roll and Taiwanese shaved ice all served in toilet dishes and mugs. Poop has become very cute.”

Nguyen hopes to bring a health angle into the café, one that might highlight bowel health options. But for now, it is a way to get people talking.