Busy times ahead for Wolfgat, recipient of the Restaurant of the Year award

In a quaint South African town on the west coast, in a restaurant that serves 20 diners at a time, you will find the winners of the restaurant of the year award given at the Inaugural World Restaurant Awards. Wolfgat, housed in a 130-year-old fishing cottage tucked away in Paternoster, was announced as the restaurant of the year and head chef Kobus van der Merwe believes it is now when the hard work starts.

Wolfgat has only six staff members. “We weren’t expecting it at all. It’s been a whirlwind and a massive honour,” van der Merwe reflected. Also being awarded the best off-map destination at the Awards, it is no surprise that Wolfgat has been booked out for every night of the next three months.

Wolfgat offers guests a unique dining experience showcasing a range of indigenous ingredients specific to the Cape coastline.