It’s a legal requirement as part of a liquor licence that businesses selling alcohol must also serve food. This is part of host responsibility, as eating while drinking can significantly reduce the effects of alcohol. However, some sports clubs and RSAs don’t have the cashflow to warrant a full commercial kitchen and are left offering simple food options like chips and nuts. Unfortunately, it is something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. In order to turn a reasonable profit, clubs are forced to raise the prices of these food items to a point where customers are put off, and don’t bother staying to drink.

The solution is to invest in smaller, multi-purpose equipment. Equipment manufacturers are constantly innovating and meeting the demand to streamline processes and ease the pressure during food preparation. There are now fryers and ovens that can be plugged in anywhere, don’t take up huge amounts of space and can generate large profits for small venues.

The Fast Chef Elite machine by Quality Fry is incredibly simple to operate – users just put the products in the individual trays at the top of the unit, and once cooked they are deposited out the bottom. Fast Chef Elite can fry fresh and frozen products, whether sweet or savoury, such as churros, croquettes, calamari, mussels, chicken nuggets and fish bites.

There are two models to choose from – the Gourmet, which suitable for intermediate demand, where it is most practical to load and fry. It is designed to fry two portions at the same time, with a  third is on standby in the input hopper. The Carousel is specially designed to automate the management of queues. The machine allows users to have five portions of 500 grams in progress: four in the carousel and one in the frying chamber.

The system of filters incorporated by Fast Chef Elite eliminates smoke, significantly reduces odours from frying and allows different foods to be fried in the same oil without mixing their flavours. The air is then extracted at the rear, filtered via a condenser and a large cartridge filter before being discharged into the space. The filtration system is so effective that an independent exhaust hood isn’t required and means that the space it is in can be ventilated to the minimum standard as required by food safety law. It is powered by a single outlet and can be installed in different locations within any establishment.

With innovative new equipment being released, clubs can vastly increase their food offerings and encourage customers to stay longer and spend more money. Chips and nuts can be replaced by fish and chips and pizza, increasing profits and customer satisfaction.


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