Bluff Oyster & Food Festival’s uncertain future

The future of the Bluff Oyster & Food Festival is looking uncertain as consent to demolish the old Club Hotel, which backs onto the festival site, was declined. However successful the event was over the weekend just been (Saturday the 25th May), with the building towering over the event not being earthquake proof, people are not so sure as to what will happen.

Kylie Fowler, a festival committee member, said, “[The old Club Hotel] is not legally deemed as earthquake-prone, but we’re not comfortable inviting 4000 people to our festival and into the shadow of a building we’ve been told is unsafe. No one wants to buy it and do it up.”

This year’s show was a huge success—tickets were sold out in February, and more than 4000 people attended. The Bluff Oyster & Food Festival is a great way to showcase some of New Zealand’s prime natural produce, as well as to gather community and fostering connection.