Cow’s milk is a fantastic source of protein, calcium and other essential nutrients – however, for some it just isn’t an option. Luckily the alternative milk (or ‘mylk’) industry is booming, with an expected growth of $153 million in the upcoming year. Alternative milk producers are now adapting their products for use in the barista scene, creating mylks that stretch just as well as cow’s milk.

MILKLAB, a range of specialty milk for coffee, is now available in New Zealand. A collaboration between baristas and Australian company, Freedom Foods Group, MILKLAB was born from the insight that the best coffee deserves a better milk. It is the world’s first milk range spanning dairy and alternative milk designed to texture and stretch with espresso coffee. MILKLAB launched in Australia in November 2015 and since then, the range has been recognized with awards and nominations at the Melbourne International Coffee Festival.

MILKLAB is available in Soy, Almond, Coconut, Dairy and Lactose-Free. For orders, contact or call +61 2 9526 2555.