BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ ovens are specifically designed for baking frozen products in retail spaces, where the rhythms are tight, and the volumes are high. BAKERLUX SHOP.ProTM is the answer that suits the needs of an easy-to-use convection oven with the possibility of adding humidity to the most delicate and critical baking cycle.

The features of the BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ are available in either TOUCH or LED models and allow you to save up to nine steps within the one program, create 99 programs, control humidity and utilise the Auto.Matic, Data-Driven Cooking Technology. The BAKERLUX SHOP.Pro™ LED models are equipped with double glass, LED lighting, high-performance insulation materials and a soft-close door. The TOUCH model has that little extra touch that helps make the difference. The 2.4” LCD display allows you to store and name baking programs with pictures.

The 10, 6, 4 and 3-tray 600×400 models are the benchmark for any high-volume shop, while the 4 and 3-tray 460×330 models are perfectly suited to smaller shops with less available space. Door orientation (left-to-right, right-to-left or up-to-down) differs between models and tray sizes.