Bacon and Egg Pies: A Competition for a Kiwi Classic

In celebration of World Egg Day (14th of October), Eggs Incorporated are holding a contest to find unique takes on the classic bacon-and-egg pie.
Entrants can send in a few words on their recipe, and a picture (not compulsory) to be in to win a year’s supply of eggs, a pie dish, tea towels, and cooking utensils. Random selection will choose the winner.
Bacon-and-egg pies have been a Kiwi staple for many years – making their first appearance, according to food historian Helen Leach, in the 1928 Wanganui Cookery Book.
Historical varieties veer from a mixed-vegetable-and-chutney-blend to a grated onion variation.
Today, there are even more twists on the standard recipe – with some even removing pastry for a low-carbohydrate option in muffin tins.
Accordingly, Eggs Incorporated’s competition is sure to present a variety of entries.
Tauranga Baker Patrick Lam from Gold Star Bakery on Tauranga, who took out the 2016 Bakels Supreme Pie Award, has some tips for entrants.
He claims the key to his success is using good pastry, and finding the right balance between bacon and egg.
Whatever the case, the competition welcomes personal touches, rituals, and speciality recipes.
Entries close on the 28th October 2016, and further details are available at