Auckland Beer Week 2020

Taking place across the city’s best hop-forward establishments, Auckland Beer Week kicks off its celebration of all things craft beer this August.

Hosted by the Society of Beer Advocates (SOBA) the festivities begin with a roaming tour of local beers.  At Around NZ in 80 Beers five craft venues (Fridge and Flagon, Vultures' Lane, The Brewers Co-operative, The Lumsden Freehouse, and Galbraith's Alehouse), punters will be invited to take a regional tour of Aotearoa via beer glass.

Each venue will showcase a unique region, and three free buses will be running every 20 minutes around the loop.

The OG Dark Beer Weekender will dedicate two days to New Zealand's blossoming dark beer scene. Matakana's 8 Wired Barrelworks will be pouring some old favourites, while Jo-Bro's Burgers and Matakana Oysters will be serving up the tasty treats.

Sammy Akuthota from Satya Chai Lounge will pair Indian fingers foods with incredible beers; Fridge & Flagon is throwing a late-night tropical party; and for the fifth year, The Lumsden Freehouse is set to prove how well fresh oysters go down with dark beer.

A trip along the Auckland Beer Mile rounds off the week for 2020. Across both Sundays of Auckland Beer Week, you can hop between some of the city's best beer venues courtesy of free tuk tuks. Venues taking part include Beer Spot Morningside, Flight 605, Urbanaut, Garage Project Kingsland, Churly's, The Fridge and Flagon, Galbraiths, Brothers Mt Eden.