Artisanal organic juice brand, Almighty, has launched a new range of sparkling waters changing the carbonated game with activated charcoal.

The new range contains zero sugar with natural flavours derived from real fruit. With very low calories, three flavours are available, including, Activated Charcoal Sparkling Water, Lemon Sparkling Water and Peach Ginger Sparkling Water.

These drinks are sure to be a hit for the warm summer months, offering guests a chance to have a drink without a guilty conscience.

“We have worked really hard to provide Kiwis with the goodness of organics, and our goal has been to create these health beverages while supporting, empowering and strengthening our communities,” said Ben Lenart from Almighty. “Now we are moving into other areas; Almighty Water is one such direction we’ve been wanting to take for a while now.”

“So many drink companies claim to be healthy when they’re not. We believe that every unhealthy beverage can be replaced by a healthy alternative.”