New Zealand’s albacore tuna troll fishery has been re-certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as being sustainably managed. The certification is valid for a period of five years, requiring annual audits. MSC Program Director for Oceania Anne Gabriel has praised the industry.

“This shows the fishery recognises the instrumental role they play in making a significant difference to the health of the world’s oceans, fish stocks and the marine ecosystems,” she said. “New Zealand albacore has shown their commitment to sustainability by dedicating significant time, energy and resources to meeting the MSC standard.”

The annual catch of 2,500 tonnes represents only a fraction of the overall annual catch from the South Pacific albacore stock of around 85,000 tonnes.

“Albacore comprises over 99 per cent of the catch, making it an extremely environmentally friendly fishery,” said Doug Saunders-Loder of the Tuna Management Association. “No endangered, threatened or protected species have ever been caught in this fishery.”