The Foodfirst trade show was held over the final weekend of March and despite stiff competition from Adele, still managed to attract a huge number of industry players. From food giants like Fonterra, Red Bull and Heinz Watties down to smaller players like Benjer Juice of Cromwell and Otogi Korean foodstuffs, the trade show was well attended and well received. This exclusive, invite only event for suppliers, reps and buyers gave away over $150,000 of Foodfirst Dollars in prizes, gifts, food and entertainment at the show, as well as the free samples provided by the suppliers. The ‘Goldrush’ theme, complete with street performers, actors and Wild West style entertainment, truly made this a trade show like no other.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with one anonymous vendor saying “Thanks for the opportunity to show our wares at the show. We personally felt this worthwhile in as much as we had some valuable time with members.”

“For the first trade show it was very good and we got out of it exactly what we required, which was to meet all the distributors and their staff, which we did,” said another.