Top Tips for International Espresso Martini Day

International Espresso Martini Day is celebrated around the world on March 15th every year, so to celebrate consider using the following tips to help execute the perfect espresso martini.

First and foremost, martinis should never be shaken. That is of course unless you are making an espresso martini, in which case make sure you give it a shake for 10-20 seconds to create the signature froth. Overshaking alcohol can cause it to ‘bruise,’ meaning it can become diluted rather than clear.

Cocktails are all about finding the right balance and refinement when mixing, therefore a jigger is the most important utensil when it comes to measuring your ingredients. 

Traditionally, vodka is the classic base for an espresso martini, but for a slightly alternative option consider using gin or tequila as a base, perhaps even spiced rum for a bit of a kick. All three will work well with the bitterness of the coffee, highlighting the taste. Use a quality coffee liqueur for the best-tasting cocktail, or even experiment with a creamier liquor for a luxurious option.

When it comes time to add espresso to the mix, make sure to use a fresh brew for ultimate satisfaction. Using a cold brew concentrate is also a commendable option. If the coffee is too hot, simply put it in the freezer for five minutes.

An essential step is to strain the espresso martini before it is served, and to make sure the drink is poured quickly to form the iconic foam on top. A traditional cocktail strainer is the best way to ensure this step is done right.

If it’s high class you’re after, then be sure to add the signature coffee beans on top of the foam. The best way to get them in the exact place is by using garnish tweezers to place them gently, instead of just dropping them and hoping for the best. 

Make sure to add this to your specials list for the day.