The new SC100 upright scrubber dryer from Nilfisk is designed to clean hard to reach and narrow areas. The upright scrubber dryer provides more effective cleaning of areas so narrow that manual cleaning so far has been the preferred solution. The SC100 is easy to use, carry and transport, and offers exceptional cleaning performance. Ideal for retail, restaurants, convenience stores, fast food outlets, food courts, hotels and even in-home cleaning.

The new SC100 offers easy, fast and productive cleaning. Compared to the manual solution of a mop and bucket, this innovative upright machine scrubs and dries in one pass, giving fast access to cleaned areas. Two solution flow settings enable flexible cleaning choices and the ergonomic handle is designed for comfortable one or two handed operation.

The SC100 is light to carry at only 12kg. Extend the reach of the SC100 with the optional manual suction hose, or simply tilt the handle to reach underneath furniture. The optional carpet kit enables cleaning of small carpets or spot cleaning. The machine can be used in both directions as suction squeegees are located both before and after the brush. Immediately after cleaning, the area is dry and available for use.

The SC100 is hygenic and safe, and the high quality of Nilfisk ensures a long lifetime with low maintenance costs. Durability and cleaning efficiency are supported by a strong aluminum chassis, and the design provides easy and fast daily maintenance. Controlling the cleaning is simple due to the touch display with two water settings and a solution indicator alerting the user when the solution tank is empty. For added convenience, the machine will automatically stops when parked in upright position

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