Don’t let under-performing refrigeration eat into your profits. Choosing the right commercial refrigeration for the job impacts your bottom line – make the wrong choice and you could face high power bills and food wastage. Instead, invest in the most energy efficient refrigeration and you’ll see significant dollar savings for your business. SKOPE’s range of ActiveCore fridges, for example, are up to 65 per cent more efficient than other products on the market and can cut up to $1000 a year off your power bill.

Reputation is everything, and in hospitality your reputation hinges on food safety. The role of online reviews in customer choice means food safety issues are a big deal. A bad customer experience can be a lost customer, or worse, damage to your business. Avoiding the “danger zone” (food temperature between 5°C-60°C) is key to keeping food safe. Selecting the wrong type of fridge for the job makes it hard to avoid the danger zone. To help you identify the right refrigeration for your business think about the type of food or drinks being stored, volume of meals being prepared, and how many services you need to manage each day.

SKOPE have designed a simple new guide to make finding what’s right for your business a whole lot easier. Your Guide to Commercial Refrigeration is a reference guide for both experienced business owners and newbies to the hospitality industry. The guide features easy to navigate product categorisation, reference tables so you can quickly compare product ranges, and industry recommendations to help you choose the right refrigeration to keep food safe and increase your profits.

For quality and reliability choose SKOPE. Always food safe, always cold. Download your free guide to commercial refrigeration now to choose the right solution for your business