Maintaining a sanitary environment is not only legal, it is also a matter of safety and remaining financially profitable. Unclean venues can lead to contamination and safety risks, and there are a range of standard and custom solutions from Nilfisk and Kerrick that remove the margin for human error and make cleaning efficient. It is also crucial to think beyond the obvious to prevent built-up grime and germs. Nilfisk has more than 100 years of experience in the sector.

Nilfisk’s revolutionary and patented floor care solutions can help reduce water and chemical consumption, improve indoor air quality and reduce the overall environmental impact of floor cleaning. Nilfisk offers a wide range of vacuum cleaner models for venues of all sizes with certified HEPA filtration, and quiet machines allow for daytime cleaning, lowering the cost to clean. Hybrid and ePower technologies, utilised by Nilfisk and industry-first technology, reduces fuel consumption by up to 50 percent and doubles runtime. Labour is reduced by scrubbing floors clean and drying them in one pass using revolutionary Nilfisk products, and restaurateurs can enjoy increased safety and risk reduction by minimising chemical fumes, slippery floors and slip-and-fall accidents.

Nilfisk and Kerrick also offer custom kitchen solutions. In a recent example, the Adelaide Convention Centre commissioned a custom pressure washer capable of cleaning and sanitising its large commercial kitchen and some of the equipment in it. Kerrick would usually recommend an industrial hot water pressure cleaner for that purpose, but they are usually diesel driven. Because diesel was not an option in a food prep environment, Kerrick produced an electric cold-water pressure cleaner with some custom fittings to be able to cut through the grime.

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