ALPECO stands for Alternative Pest Control – something which founder Heiko Kaiser is passionate about. After moving to New Zealand in 1999, Kaiser managed eco-hospitality businesses throughout New Zealand before moving into environmentally friendly pest control in 2010. Today, ALPECO not only brings world-proven technologies to New Zealand but has also developed its own range of non-toxic solutions, some of which are now exported overseas.

“Non-toxic treatments often succeed where others fail, because insects become resistant,” explained Kaiser.

A key advantage is the timeframe in which extermination takes place. “We treat in less than 24 hours, and it’s ready to use. With chemicals, you have to shut down for weeks.” The non-toxic approach also means that treatments can be quickly and efficiently conducted in areas such as kitchens or other public spaces with minimal interference.

Often ALPECO is called in to sort out problems that clients have tried to deal with themselves. One customer in the South Island tried for three years to fix a problem using off-the-shelf products, but often this approach can end up making the problem worse. The overheads in constantly buying products and the labour costs associated with staff members treating problems are further costs to a business. “We guide them through it and train them,” said Kaiser. “People try to do it themselves but why should they? They aren’t pest control experts.”

Technological advancement is at the core of ALPECO. Real-time updates from Trapsensor traps mean that ALPECO can get on top of infestations before they begin. “This is the modern world of pest control,” said Kaiser. “We’re specialised in what we’re doing. We’ve seen that nasty toxic stuff can be replaced by non-toxic stuff, and it works.”

ALPECO is nationwide in New Zealand and has expanded to Australia and the Pacific. For more information call 0800 257 326 or email