Keeping cooking oil clean, reducing costs and improving food quality are just some of the benefits that celebrity chef Simon Gault has noticed since installing the VITO® Oil Filtration System into his restaurant Giraffe on the Auckland Viaduct.

Gault is one of many chefs in New Zealand who is using the Vito Oil Filters in deep fryers. Made in Germany, the VITO® Oil Filtration System’s four to six-minute self-filtering cycle can save up to 50 percent on oil costs, reducing oil storage space, reducing oil disposal requirements, increasing the taste and quality of foods and providing customers healthier deep-fried foods. Oil consumption is reduced by removing microparticles, carbonised particles and suspended sediments. This will almost double the lifetime of frying oil which gives a measurable and quick return on investment.

To use VITO®, simply place the filtration system in a hot fryer and switch it on. Once the cycle is finished, transfer it into the next fryer. Safe and simple for staff to use and easy to clean – the submersible parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

"I am totally impressed in the improvement in the quality of our food fried in our fryers after using the Vito system,” said Gault. “The longevity we now get from our frying oil is incredible and given the Vito machine is incredibly easy to use and only takes four minutes per use it is very cost effective. It’s a must-have piece of equipment in my kitchen that’s saving me dollars and improving food quality.”

Join the clean oil movement! See what benefits you can reap from a VITO®: more time, more money, more happy customers. For more information, or to see how your kitchen would benefit visit