Yumi Stynes’s very first cookbook, The Zero F*cks Cookbook, is all about being stress-free. Before her media career started in the year 2000, Yumi Stynes thought she was going to be a chef, and worked as a cook in various pubs and cafes around Australia.

The Zero F*cks Cookbook book shows how it is possible to enjoy delicious, tasty fuss-free food. The Zero F*cks Cookbook is divided into five chapters: Weeknights; Barbecue; Snacks, Emergencies and Other Moments of Desperation; Sweet Stuff; and Weekends. The key is celebrating her love of eating and cooking, without unnecessarily complicating mealtime in an already busy family household.

The joy of The Zero F*cks Cookbook is that in spite of their simplicity, all Stynes’ recipes are kind of impressive: they’re thoughtful, nourishing and crowd- pleasing. They let great ingredients star and they’re easy.