On their endless quest across the globe, Lonely Planet’s happy wanderers have drunk all the best tipples and soft drinks they could find and gathered the results in a 60-recipe book, featuring cocktails, tea brews and aperitifs alike.
Whether it’s a refreshing Mexican michelada, a classic milkshake or a home-infused sloe gin, ‘The World’s Best Drinks’ truly distills the world to its liquid essence and pours it into our empty glasses.
“This is not a mere drink guide. It is also a travelogue that will take you to the sophisticated and chic gallerias of Milan, where you can sip negronis made with carmine-coloured Campari as well as venturing into less well-trammelled territories,” said author Victoria Moore, according to whom the book isn’t about booze either. All-time favourites like the Martini sit alongside Himalayan millet beer tongba, Mexican horchata, super sweet American root beer and East African cardamom tea.
An award-winning beverage journalist, Victoria Moore writes a wine column for Britain’s Daily Telegraph and hosts wine tasting classes, as well as running her own website, ‘The World’s best drinks’ is the fourth release in Lonely Planet’s ‘World’s Best’ series, which so far focused on street food, spicy food and best brunches.