Sixty Taco Bell stores are planned for Australia and New Zealand within the next five years. Although the details of where, when and what the stores will look like is still secret information, Restaurant Brands have confirmed that New Lynn will be the new home of Taco Bell New Zealand and that a range of alcohol will be available at the store.

The plan for Auckland this year is that two stores will open, the same is scheduled for Sydney. The rest of the stores will roll out across each nation by 2024. Restaurant Brands, who also owns KFC, Pizza Hut, and Carl’s Jr. restaurant chains in New Zealand, have also said that 30 new KFC stores will be built in Australasia, and 50-60 KFCs will be refurbished in Australasia, too. Stats from February indicate that Restaurant Brands currently owns 283 stores across their brands—a number made up of 142 stores in New Zealand, 64 stores in Australia, and 80 stores in Hawaii.