The Millennial parent

Millennials have shaped the restaurant market more than any other generation before. Now, as the upper end of the age bracket become parents and start families, it is essential to monitor the changes in dining trends. As a generation which has come of age during the major shift towards convenience, restaurants which adapt their marketing strategy to cater to parents will reap the rewards.

Millennial parents increased their restaurant visits by 5 percent in 2018, according to figures from NPD. The age group had, in years past, significantly contributed to the fast-casual, fresh and ethnic foodservice, and are now chasing convenience once again with their kids.

Convenience is an integral part of the Millennial dining experience; this has given rise to delivery apps and other companies that can offer an easier way of eating the food they want. With the busyness of life as a young parent, the option to get almost any food delivered through an online app is crucial. The fact that parents can order something on their way home and have it arrive at their doorstep as they walk in offers a new level of convenience for a busy family. Places that are slow to jump on the digital bandwagon are sure to fall behind quickly.

Additionally, targeting marketing towards Millennials as a focus group encourages customers to return repeatedly with their families. According to research from the NPD Group, Millennial families eat restaurant meals at home 46 percent of the time and foodservice establishments 30 percent of the time—the remaining 24 percent is split between eating at work, in the car, or other locations. On top of this, Millennial parents are said to combine homemade food and restaurant items often. NPD predicts that this trend will continue and grow.

Millennials are growing up, and their children are sure to inherit similar dining habits throughout their lives. Monitoring the trends, and staying one step ahead of the game is imperative should restaurants wish to remain relevant. At this stage, health, price and convenience are major players in what Millennials are looking for from QSRs.

As Millennials enter parenthood, restaurant owners need to prepare to appeal to the children of a generation which has been anything but conventional.