The Lunchroom

The Lunchroom is a beach themed, eco focused café and officially opened on 19 January.
It was a brand new build and took three years to complete from demolition. The building is located on Queen Street, at the second busiest intersection in New Zealand. Design company Control Space came up with the concept of lots of wood. The section used to be a cliff top, hence the incorporation of natural materials including wood, stone, marble floors and large floor to ceiling windows. The louvres reflect a beach cabana feel. The plates are bespoke and custom made from Painted Pacific Pottery, with Muriwai black sand used in the glaze. Owner JJ Holland has previously worked for Hip Group and has been a private chef and a nutritionist at a rehabilitation centre. The fridges were delivered seven times before they could actually be installed on site, because the build took so much longer than expected. The head chef is Cheyne Kawana. For the most part, the menu is all organic with artisan products and cured meats. All grains, seeds and nuts are activated and sprouted. The grain-free granola takes four days to make. The menu also offers a world first brioche bagel.
“We’re trying to bring organics and fair trade a bit more into the mainstream,” Holland said.
The Lunchroom is open Monday-Friday from 7am-4pm and does events and functions after hours.