Bird On A Wire Breakfast Menu

Bird On A Wire Takapuna has served up a new breakfast offering on the menu.
Everything is a play on the free range part of the brand, and features Birdseed muesli, Grain free granola, Banana on toast, Free range eggs, Boston baked beans, Chick’n’egg’n’cheese, and Bird bowl. Executive chef Camille Rope came up with the menu.
“New Zealanders really like eggs on toast for breakfast. So I think you can almost judge a place by their eggs, you’ve got to make sure they’re perfect,” owner Sophie Gilmour said.
The café has lots of healthy, fitness-orientated followers, so the Bird bowl has proved to be a standout dish so far, with ingredients in the dish taking inspiration from the Middle East. The Grain free granola and Birdseed muesli are Rope’s homemade recipes, and she has jars of them at home. The Banana on toast is gluten free, so it suits everyone.
“We wanted a sweet option and something a little bit different and a little bit lighter,” Gilmour said.
The café is now working on new recyclable and compostable packaging. The breakfast menu goes from 7.30am until 11am and then switches over to the lunch menu.