Taco Bell Crispy Tortilla Chicken held by hand

Taco Bell has officially launched its entry into the fried chicken sandwich wars with its Crispy Tortilla Chicken strips and Crispy Tortilla Chicken tenders.

Following the fried chicken frenzy that plagued US customers in August (see: Chik-fil-a vs Popeye’s), it appears Taco Bell is gearing up to cash in on the growing market. However, according to sources, the fried chicken strips recipe was perfected nine to eight months prior to the chicken buzz.

“We’ve never offered a strip and dip,” said Nola Krieg, senior manager of food innovation at Taco Bell. “We’re just so excited about it.”

The Mexican fast-chain restaurant performed a trial run of the new menu addition in over 170 restaurants in Houston and Dayton, Ohio. It hopes to launch the strips nationwide in 2020.