New Zealand's largest Māori-owned seafood company, Moana, is showing support for WWF-New Zealand and Māui63's initiative for saving the Māui dolphins.

The initiative aims to utilise cutting-edge drone technology to protect the last remaining 63 Māui dolphins in the country. Māui63 is a small group of scientists and developers, dedicated to protecting marine life. Māui63 use the latest UAV technology to help with their mission. The drone has a powerful optical zoom feature which flies above the water and distinguishes Māui and Hector's dolphins from other marine species.

"Supporting innovation that aligns so well with our values is important," said Moana's CEO, Steve Tarrant. "Kaitiakitanga is at the forefront of our kaupapa, so when we heard about this Māui63 project, we were very excited."

Moana is looking forward to supporting this initiative and saving the Māui dolphins. "We knew this was something we could get behind. Our responsibility as kaitiaki is doing everything within our power to protect the taonga given to us. If drone technology can help us do that alongside all of the other measures we are already taking, why wouldn't we investigate it?"