Texas Chicken bring back their Herb & Garlic Crunch Chicken

One of Texas Chicken New Zealand’s most popular combos is back. The Herb & Garlic Crunch Combo features juicy and tender pieces of chicken covered in a delicious blend of herbs and garlic. If that isn’t enough, the chicken is served with a side of moreish cheesy bacon mashed potato.

Last year, the same limited time offer ran, and it sold out within weeks. This year, the combo will be available in two different sizes. The smaller version will cost $12.90 and contain three pieces of chicken, one cheesy bacon mashed potato, one regular fries and a coke. The larger combination will cost $22 and will include six pieces of chicken, one large cheesy bacon mashed potato, two honey butter buns and a large fries.

These combos will be available from all Texas Chicken restaurants, including the two new Rotorua sites.

Priyanka Dutt, Texas Chicken Marketing Manager, said, “Chicken and mashed potato is a classic comfort food combination and one that we know our Kiwi customers love. The addition of cheese and bacon just takes it to another level.”