Locally produced hand-crafted pasta made in an Italian style in Hawke’s Bay, Danny’s Pasta is freshly made with durum semolina flour and eggs. The flour is sourced from the Bellato family. It’s a semolina flour grown specifically for bread-making and pasta, giving the finished product a more silky and nuttier flavour.

Owner Danny Brown worked as a chef at Black Barn and a chance meeting with chef Paolo Pancotti filled his head with notions of Italian cuisine. Over two consecutive Italian summers, Brown worked alongside Pancotti at Salo near Lake Garda and Seregno just outside of Milan.

“Despite grueling hours, mandatory in European kitchens, and a foreign language to comprehend, the family table at Paolo's place welcomed me and cemented my passion and helped me develop this skill,” Brown said.

He is combining work as a chef for Orton catering, based at Sileni winery, which is also where he produces his range of pasta.

“My core business is providing pasta for the local restaurant trade.

“I provide a specialised service for restaurants whereby the chef supplies their own fillings for tortellinis and raviolis. You can also find me on Sundays at the local farmers market with a selection of long and short pasta conveniently packaged in smaller quantities as well as accompanying sauces.”

Brown would love to get a more automated machine, expand his market and continue to grow the restaurant side of the business.

For more information phone 027 311 8292 or email dannyspasta@hotmail.com.