Wilderness Valley is a family-owned business on a hill country farm located in the Ruatiti Valley of the King Country, central North Island.

“We as a family are passionate about working with nature and creating sustainable practices that enhance the landscape, not take away from it,” Laura Greig said.

Wilderness Valley creates Manuka honey products. The Manuka trees not only produce UMF® Manuka Honey but also provide protection against erosion on the farm’s steeper slopes.

“Our extraction plant was built at the end of our first season and then the full processing and bottling plant was finished at the end of our second season, so we have a full operation plant which allows us full control from beekeeping right through to our end products.”

Currently Wilderness Valley is being sold online but is looking at going into boutique New Zealand stores next, before potentially getting into the export game.

Currently high quality UMF® 15+ Manuka Honey in a 250g and 375g jar is offered.

“We will have UMF® 10+ and 5+ as well as bush blend and field honey for those wanting a honey that has a sweeter taste profile.

“We decided that it was in our customers’ best interest to become part of the UMF® association as it is a reputable trade mark that provides greater consumer protection, as it is based on scientific analysis that correctly measures both purity and quality of our Manuka Honey.”

For more information contact Laura Greig on 02102520627 or email