Lee Fish New Zealand’s main focus is long-line fishing, which presents the market’s highest quality catch. The fish is brought aboard the boat live, one at a time and iki-jime spiked, a Japanese instant-kill method used to increase flavour and shelf-life. Afterwards they are ice-slurried and kept chilled, packed, and delivered to the restaurant door less than 24 hours out of the water and well and truly sashimi-grade.

Based in the port-town of Leigh, one hour north of Auckland, Lee Fish have been exporting fresh fish for over three decades. The catch previously went exclusively to the Japanese market but now Lee Fish have diversified, sending via air to over 15 countries daily and just over two years ago started supplying premium, export-quality fish to New Zealand’s best restaurants.

“Our fish finds its way all over the world – our main markets are USA, Asia, Europe and Australia, with countless Michelin starred restaurants using our catch. Here in New Zealand we supply the best restaurants in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and many others nationwide, including high-end hotels and lodges,” sales and marketing representative Sam Birch said.

“We always invite the chefs we work with to come to Leigh to see the process for themselves. There is no method which comes close, in terms of quality, as bringing fish aboard the boat one at a time using hooks and line. Every chef that walks into our little factory where this precious catch is hand-packed is instantly spellbound. We put a lot of care, pride and effort into making sure every kilo of fish reaches the kitchen in perfect condition.”

Lee Fish plan to continue operating in their niche market, linking fishers with the world’s best chefs, and “always putting sustainability and quality over quantity.”

For more information phone 022 657 6939.