Sydney restaurateur spots cleaner taking a nap

The owner of an Australian chain of eateries spotted a cleaner taking a nap on CCTV at one of his outlets, sharing a screenshot of the sleeper on Instagram.

Christian Avant, the owner of the burger, cocktail, and dessert restaurant Milky Lane, shared the screenshot of the sleeping cleaner on Instagram, captioning the photo, "As long as the job's done, we're all for a cheeky siesta."

Mr Avant, from Sydney, told The Mirror that the worker had cleaned two other locations prior to arriving at the restaurant at around 3 am.

"One of my managers there sent me the message and was a bit concerned, I asked if the venue was clean [and] he said 'yes'.

"So I said let him have power naps then, everyone gets tired. We're pretty cruisy guys, as long as he gets the jobs done. If you gotta curl up for a power nap, that's totally cool."