Sparkling Water On Tap Gets Customers Excited!

Join the growing number of restaurateurs and café owners who have invigorated their business by providing Sodastream Professional sparkling water as part of their customer experience. The Italian made premium-class unit transforms ordinary tap water into an exciting sparkling drink.

Sodastream works by chilling, filtering and carbonating tap water which then flows seamlessly out of stylish Italian taps that sit beautifully on your bar counter. Water temperature and bubble strength can be adjusted to suit.

Imagine. You will no longer need to order, store and refrigerate water. You will be helping protect our pristine New Zealand environment from plastic bottle waste and most importantly your customers will be happy.

Add a slice of fruit, a splash of syrup or make your own sangrias… sparkling water really comes to life!

Call in and try the Sodastream Professional unit for yourself at 28 Crummer Rd, Grey Lynn.

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