Owners, Nick Delaney and Elaine Jennings met while working in a restaurant in Dublin. The two started making an aioli once a week in a kitchen they rented hourly and sold it at a local market. The now husband and wife team have spent the last three and a half years evolving it into a full-time business with their own kitchen and supplying retail.

Their range includes five flavours of aioli; Garlic, Smoked Garlic, Chipotle, Basil, and Honey Mustard.

A highlight of their product is they use Marlborough Garlic which they confit. This gives the aioli a smoother, creamier texture and more depth of flavour. There are also 13 nut butters. All Small Batch Edibles products are gluten-free, except for their Chipotle Aioli. They use no preservatives; each product is handmade in small batches, and their aiolis are made to order and shipped within 24 hours. The duo buys only raw ingredients and even roast their own nuts allowing them to control the different flavour profiles from start to finish. “The Super Butter and Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter are uniquely ours and are also our best sellers,” they said.

Moving forward, they are looking to play around with their products and create a larger range. Small Batch Edibles can be found in local stores and the Tauranga Farmers Market as well as some smaller stores in Auckland and Wellington. The products are also available to buy on our website “We are looking to expand to more retailers and the South Island, but we also want to keep our products handmade from scratch and of the highest quality.”