Sip on the Sweetness of Summer

Rekorderlig Cider was first created in 1999 at a fourth-generation family brewery in Vimmerby, Sweden. From its humble Swedish roots, Rekorderlig (pronounced Re-korder-lig) has retained its dependable honesty to become a much-loved family-crafted cider. There are unique and delicious Rekorderlig flavours to enjoy all year round, including Strawberry-Lime, Raspberry-Lime, Forest Berries, Strawberry-Mango, Watermelon-Strawberry, Passionfruit-Lime and Arctic Berries.

The brand has a new offering: Rekorderlig Strawberry Cider. Rekorderlig Strawberry is delightfully refreshing with full flavour and a crisp finish. Slightly drier than its zestier partner, Strawberry-Lime, this strawberry flavoured cider is sure to be a favourite among Rekorderlig drinkers.

Serve over ice with mint leaves or add your favourite fruit. ABV: 4.0%. Available now in grocery and liquor stores throughout the country.