Wendy’s in the US to Trial Coca-Cola Freestyle Contactless Pouring

The global pandemic has seen foodservice turn to QR codes for digital menus and contactless payment; Coke and iPourIt have announced new solutions for self-pouring soda and beer systems.

Most chains and independent restaurants have upgraded their digital systems to allow guests to safely order and pay for food without having a physical exchange with employees. The movement has led to a resurgence in QR codes, which are being used to view digital menus and pay for meals with a personal phone and now Coca-Cola Freestyle machines are making a pandemic comeback thanks to QR code technology.

The self-pouring beverage machine, which allows consumers to customize their drink from dozens of soda flavours, can be found in hundreds of quick-service restaurants and movie theatres across the United States. But self-serve beverage dispensers, along with buffet bars and kiosks, have been side-lined during the pandemic as high-touch surfaces are considered a risk for spreading the virus.

The Coca-Cola Company announced it has resolved that problem for the 52,000 Coca-Cola Freestyle dispensers distributed throughout the country. The beverage giant has upgraded the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine to allow for contactless pouring using QR codes.

Each Freestyle machine displays a QR code that can be auto scanned with a camera on a mobile device.

“The phone immediately connects to the cloud and brings the Coca-Cola Freestyle user interface to your phone,” explained Michael Connor, chief architect of Coca-Cola Freestyle.