Saving 1.4 Million Bottles from Landfill

Accumulatively over the past year, those who have chosen to be proud Fountain Drinks customers, have actively contributed to saving 1.4 million plastic bottles from landfills.

Fountain Drinks care about the environment. That's why they proudly share the number of plastic bottles you could save from landfills if you were to join.

Greenpeace Aotearoa has recently come out saying "We need to see bolder action that eliminates single-use plastic bottles which are one of the most pervasive contributors to plastic pollution on land and sea."

Greenpeace Aotearoa continues to call for the ban to cover a wider range of products including single-use plastic drink bottles which ultimately break down into microplastics in the ocean.

Help Save the Planet and Increase Profits

A 330ml mixer in a can will cost you around a dollar. Compare this with the 35-cent cost for the 330ml pour from a Fountain Drinks 45 Postmix gun. Per glass pricing is also affected by the cost of storing large quantities of cans or bottles behind the bar and in storage.

Fountain Drinks postmix provides maximum fizz and high-quality taste. Each drink is freshly made in the glass from eight flavours, plus soda and chilled water at the gun. 14 flavours are available along with new on-trend options like wild hibiscus, cherry & pomegranate, raspberry & lemon, and ginger & lemon.

Discover how Fountain Drinks can work with you to save you money while saving the environment, visit