Ronan Guilloux – Captain Crêpes

Ronan Guilloux, or Captain Crêpes, arrived in New Zealand in December 2017. “Around March of 2018,” said Guilloux, “I started making crêpes in my food truck. Now, I have recently opened up a shop.”

Captain Crêpes, nestled inside the Victoria Park Market, makes both crêpes and galettes. “Crêpes are like pancakes, but they are very thin. They come from Britanny. A galette is a savoury version of a crêpe, and it is made with buckwheat flour. It’s both gluten-free and delicious.” Guilloux likes to split his time between the food truck and his shop. “The food truck runs from Friday night to Sunday, while the shop runs from Tuesday to Friday afternoon. On Saturday and Sunday morning I go to markets.”

The opening of the Captain Crêpes shop was a way of moving Guilloux’s operations from his home kitchen, to a more suitable facility. “Previously, I prepared everything at home, but it wasn’t optimal. In this new kitchen, it is easier to prepare everything for the food truck and the café.”

Captain Crêpes offers a range of sweet and savoury treats, Guilloux said that some of his most popular flavours include the Hispaniola, a banana, chocolate and almond, served with whipped cream and chocolate topping, as well as the Arcadia, a more traditional blend of egg, ham and cheese. Guilloux explained that through his network of markets, he has been able to source locally. “It helps when you know the guy, and the chickens,” joked Guilloux.

Captain Crêpes had previously worked at a crêpe restaurant in Paris for two years, where he learned to make them perfectly, and the different combinations of flavours. “I continue to use the same methods and similar recipes. It’s just slightly different ingredients and modifications.”

“I grew up enjoying preparing food and making up recipes. I enjoyed making food for other people at home, for my family, for instance. The crêpe is a good thing to cook, as it only takes one minute and then there are many different ways to flavour it. It’s also good as any meal throughout the day.”

Looking towards the future, Guilloux hopes to be able to staff his café while he manages the food truck. “But,” he said with a smile, “it’s just the beginning.”

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