Burns and Ferrall and Tiger Coffee have partnered up to bring customers the next generation of espresso equipment. Coffee is all about the experience; however, technology cannot be ignored and should be embraced.

On a recent trip to China, Sheona Kearney of Tiger Coffee witnessed amazing technology advancement in the coffee space.

“A robotic arm at RATIO Bar Shanghai was serving coffees and cocktails all made to order through the WE CHAT application, and only one member of staff had to deliver the finished product,” she said. “Stock management, labour costs and technology are all important aspects in the success of this venture. At Hotelex, another robotic arm was texturing milk and producing latte art, with no human touch. Amazing!”

Not all hospitality establishments will be ready for this level of automation and telemetry. However, there is a requirement for managing labour costs and stock management while still producing consistent quality products with speed, which keep your customers coming back for more.

Telemetry is all about connection – it gives real-time feedback on performance;

  • Technical, real-time reports on any potential issues to head them off before they occur.
  • Drink profiles.
  • Machine health.
  • Identify peak periods – enables staff management of hours.
  • Volume of throughput.
  • Forecast of trends.
  • Supply chain optimisation – reorder stock from the data provided.

Automation is about making great coffee at the touch of the button

  • Here to assist the barista, and enhance the experience.
  • Instead of ensuring the coffee is to it's optimum, leave the machine to manage this and allow the barista to engage with the customer and ensure a great customer experience.
  • Tiger Coffee offers a wide range of equipment with technology all with the capabilities of telemetry. The key with the equipment is consistency and quality and keeping customers coming back for more.

It’s easy to integrate automation and telemetry into a hospitality business – its cloud-based. Sign up with Tiger, and they will manage the process and give vital reports to the business and chosen coffee roaster—it’s a management system.

Automation is growing – the need for consistency when managing staff can be a challenge and the one certainty is the machine will be performing every day.

The automation technology has improved immensely over the years, so much so on a blind tasting session, it can be hard to identify who or what has made the coffee. Trusting the equipment supplier is key to delivering quality in the cup, as important as the blend of beans chosen.

For chains and convenience stores, this is huge. The Thermoplan Connectivity can manage the screen saver information from the comfort of the Tiger Coffee HQ. This can be an immediate notification to all sites – it’s a great communication tool for customers, on special deals or in an office health and safety reporting or anything you would like.

Call Burns and Ferrall today, and together we will always manage the process of great tasting coffee.