Research in the British Medical Journal indicates that a plant-based diet has an association with a higher risk of stroke. The study was conducted over 18 years and analysed the diets of vegetarians, vegans, meat-eaters and pescatarians. The study involved around 48,000 participants, of which 1072 suffered a stroke and 2820 suffered coronary heart disease.

From the results, the study found that for every 1000 people there were three more cases of a stroke amongst those that identified as vegan or vegetarian, while inversely, there were ten more cases of coronary heart disease amongst meat-eaters out of 1000 people as well.

From the findings, the researchers concluded that while eating less meat is more beneficial for your heart health, it may increase the chance of a stroke.

Although this study provides an interesting insight into the plant-based versus red meat consumption question, there is also speculation to the authenticity of the results, as the vegan/vegetarian diet from 20 years ago looks different to the vegan/vegetarian diet of today. From the results, it becomes quite apparent that a healthy mixture of vegetables and meats is the premium way to a healthy diet.