Mad Mex is offering Kiwis something sure to stir the pot—pineapple in their burritos. For a short time, Mad Mex is giving diners the option to try pineapple in Mad Mex’s signature burrito, with the fearless diners going in to win a $1000 House of Travel voucher.

Pineapple isn’t something that you would usually find on a burrito—Mad Mex are simply hoping to raise awareness for the humble pineapple. Mexico is a leading producer of pineapples and utilises it in many of its traditional dishes.

Mad Mex is well aware of the divide they are causing amongst diners—pineapple on pizza is one thing, but this? “Our burrito is sure to cause strong reactions amongst our amigos, but we want to settle the argument for good,” said James Tucker, managing director of Mad Mex New Zealand. “Whilst some will call it sacrilege, we know there are a lot of pineapple fans out there—some of them living in secret—and they’ve been waiting a long time for this day to come. We want to empower Kiwi pineapple lovers to indulge their passion with a fun twist on traditional burritos.”