Pardiz book with Book Club text on right side

Pardiz is a retelling of Manuela Darling-Gansser’s journey back to her motherland Persia. It is a celebration of her time reconnecting with the place as an adult and features a compilation of recipes that emphasise the depth and broad appeal of the country’s enduring food culture.

Readers get a glimpse of Manuela’s life in Persia through stories and memories narrated by the author. Alongside this, she demonstrates how Persian cuisine effortlessly fits with today’s modern trends such as thriving food markets, the value of local ingredients, the health benefits of vegetable-centric dishes and the joys of a shared table.

The recipes found in Pardiz shines a light on the diversity of Persian food, revealing the culture’s celebration of rice, and abundant use of fresh herbs and exotic spices such as saffron, cardamom and dried limes in subtle combinations of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

The book is a vibrant and many-sided story that hopes to bring a taste of Persia into one’s home.