This year’s NZ Hospitality Championships has been postponed amidst a New Zealand Chefs Association strategic review.

The 2019 NZ Hospitality Championships were to be held between the 11th and 13th of August are to be postponed until 2020. NZ Chefs president, Hughie Blues, said, “We’re saddened, and we understand it’s disappointing for competitors, sponsors and fans. It will be particularly upsetting for those who have already started practice. However, a number of factors have combined to make it impractical for us to host the competition.”

“The most significant factor which worked against us this year is the uncertainty created by the Government review of the polytechnic sector, which impacted negatively on the number of entries for the competition.”

“We remain committed to the NZ Hospitality Championships, its competitors, sponsors and supporters alike and our focus now is to take the time to undertake a strategic review of the event”, he said.

“Since 1991 the Association has developed a reputation for producing quality events that support and nurture New Zealand’s hospitality industry. After almost three decades hosting the NZ Hospitality Championships, it’s timely to take a step back and talk to sponsors, supporters and Association members. From here, we will create a path forward for a dynamic 2020 event which will meet the needs of the industry and take us through the next three decades.”

Gary Miller, director of the NZ Hospitality Championships, said that once he realised the event was not going to be as successful to previous years, amidst other factors, he had recommended that it be postponed.

“We’re confident that after time to review the event and set a course for the future we will be back with a stronger, more focused event in 2020,” he said.

“Sponsors I have spoken to are very supportive of the Association and the important role that the NZ Hospitality Championships have training the industry and helping us establish a culture of excellence.”

Competitors who have registered for the competition this year will receive a full refund of their entry fees, with Association staff contacting these people to organise this.

Hughie Blues said the Association planned to announce plans for the 2020 NZ Hospitality Championships before the end of this year.