LIII_boiler (1)LONDINIUM Lever espresso machines designed by a New Zealander and made in England with multiple points of difference to help retail coffee ventures reach their full potential. The ultimate taste for single estate third wave roasts, unparalleled retail theatre, reliability achieved through simplicity of design, and fast parts supplied from within New Zealand.

“This is the machine we looked high and low for and couldn’t buy. So we made it,” said Londinium director Reiss Gunson.

A single, double or triple group commercial lever espresso machine for evaluating espresso roasts accurately and easily, with unbeatable thermal stability.

Built like a tank, the chassis is a minimum of 3mm galvanised steel, doubled to 6mm in areas of high load. Each group has been forged from 7kg of brass, steam and water valves are also proven commercial components that will provide decades of service with fast, easy and inexpensive servicing, even in New Zealand. Stainless steel, mirror polished pop-off panels provide fast, tool-free access for ease of maintenance.

With the Londinium III’s massive 7500W 20L boiler, you can rest assured that your staff can meet the challenges of serving customers high quality espresso in a timely manner, while texturing milk perfectly all day long. As a business, the benefit is better espresso that your customers will return for retail theatre that only a lever espresso machine generates, and lower total cost of ownership.

Not to mention the availability of off-the-shelf parts in New Zealand that makes servicing a machine quickly a breeze. Once you’ve experienced the taste and durability of a commercial grade lever espresso machine, you will never return to a conventional espresso machine.