No wonder bowls are taking the Internet by storm. They are photogenic, easy to throw together and fun to eat. Plus, they have fantastic names—rainbow veggie bowl, glow bowl, buddha bowl—reminding of warm spring mornings and summer retreats.

With its 60 recipes split into ‘Breakfast Bowls’, ‘Light Bowls’ and ‘Full Bowls’, and pictures by young lifestyle photographer Issy Croker, Nourish Bowls is the ultimate guide to creating your own bowl. The book also gives readers an idea of how to present a bowl that catches guests’ eyes. From vegetables to meat, the flavour combinations are endless and sure to delight.

The ideal nourish bowl should contain each element in the prescribed proportions: while the emphasis is on vegetables and fruit, protein-rich ingredients and healthy fats have to be included, along with a few carbs and a final touch of seeds or berries.

Both newbies and connoisseurs will gain inspiration for their inventive creations—they just have to make sure they have a camera on hand to capture them.

NOURISH BOWLS - Quadrille Publishing and Issy Croker