Nothing Beats Fresh

State Pasta is a relatively new restaurant in New Plymouth that specialises in fresh, handmade pasta.

Chef Carl Maunder began his career as a dishwasher. Now, he is the co-owner of three local restaurants and has worked for Mark Hix, Simon Gault and Sean Connolly.

Maunder began State Pasta because “pasta is one of those things that I’ve always enjoyed making, both at work and at home.” The orrechiette on the menu is a weekly staple in the family home, and Maunder’s toddler loves the hand-rolled pici.

“I recipe tested that past at home and he demanded it for dinner three nights in a row!”

Maunder is a big fan of traditional cooking.

“When you make pasta by hand, it’s much more meaningful,” he said.

“I believe people believe these days are increasingly seeing value in craftsmanship and the effort that goes into creating something beautiful and delicious.”

This effort and hands-on approach is exactly what sets State Pasta apart from other restaurants.

“We are simply focused on fresh pasta, handmade daily,” Maunder explained. “We’re not trying to be everything to everyone. It’s a simple concept that delivers.”

Customers can look forward to an exciting new event in August. State Pasta is putting together a game-focused ‘Wild Feast’ using products like rabbit and venison which aren’t usually served, as well as a few special dishes that aren’t usually on the menu.

“We plan on doing more regular special events like this in the future,” added Maunder.

Maunder encourages people at home to “practise and enjoy yourself in the kitchen – you will be surprised how much better you can make a dish the second time around. Don’t give up!”

For those who love fine garnishes, Maunder recommends a proper microplane.

“Nothing comes close to a microplane for zesting or grating parmesan.”