Taco Bell and Starbucks Pull the Short Straw

Transportation issues cause Taco Bell and Starbucks to announce shortages due to supply issues.

Starbucks told its customers that some items will be temporarily unavailable due to supply shortages.

This type of announcement is not unfamiliar to the global coffee chain, as it has been having stocking issues for months.

Customers have been complaining about the shortages of green tea at Starbucks, whilst Taco Bell is lacking its hot sauce despite telling customer’s that some items are unavailable.

The company attributes the shortages to the national transportation delays.

The entire industry has experienced shortages of everything from sauce to chicken wings due to a myriad of reasons – including weather disruptions in Texas and the supply limitations unable to keep up with consumer demand.

However, transportation issues have made shortages worse. A nationwide lack of drivers is putting pressure on deliveries. It is not the actual product availability causing these out-of-stock periods, but simply the warehouse staffing and driver shortages.