A Game of Thrones- themed pop up bar has opened in Washington DC, attracting hordes of customers lining up for hours before the bar opens each night. The bar has its own Hall of Faces, animatronic dragon, murals and banners featuring the sigils of the prominent families in the hugely popular HBO series.

The tiki-inspired cocktails are at odds with the dark subject matter of the show, and often at odds with their namesakes. ‘The North Remembers’ is a Scotch, sherry, coconut and falernum mix – a distinctly Caribbean vibe, despite the North in Game of Thrones being more geographically akin to Scotland than the Bahamas.

More important than the drinks, however, are the decorations. Guests were open with reporters in their desire to “take selfies everywhere,” with one acknowledging that they were just there so that they could be the first - “So far, nobody on my Instagram has been in yet.” Punters are so keen to get a photo with the main attraction, a replica of the Iron Throne, that it has its own waiting list and is carefully managed with an iPad and numbering system.