New Restaurant Category Dresses Down Fine Dining

Polished-casual dining is an emerging restaurant category that creates an escape for guests who want to get out of the house but don’t want to get out of the flip-flops and yoga pants.

For example, Manhattan Beach’s polished-casual restaurant Esperanza caters to guests who are stepping off the beach after a volleyball game or strolling in all glammed up. Regardless, the attention to detail will be the same.

The difference between casual and polished-casual is serving elevated versions of fun food and drink.

Regular nachos with cheese dip become lobster and spinach queso; Chile Rellenos made with fresh lobster tail, Mexican white shrimp and grilled corn; enchiladas bursting with shredded chicken, artisanal Mexican cheese and hand-mashed Peruvian white beans.

The best polished-casual concepts marry complete opposites to create a harmonious balance of fine food in a fun setting for guests who want to be wined and dined without the pretension.